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Root Canal Therapy in Las Vegas


Some people believe that root canal procedures are painful, but it’s actually an infection inside the tooth that causes the pain. A root canal relives the pain.

Inside the middle of your tooth is a pulp chamber, which houses the pulp – nerves, arteries and connective tissue. The pulp chamber travels down to the tip of your tooth in tiny canals, also known as root canals. The pulp inside your tooth can get infected by bacteria, which can enter from a deep fracture or a cavity.

Once the bacteria gets inside the pulp chamber, it multiplies, causing pain and pressure inside the tooth. That’s why you feel pain when biting down or chewing with that tooth. Fortunately, the pain can be treated with a root canal.

During a root canal visit, our dentist will examine your tooth and take an X-ray to see exact location of the decay and infection. The dentist will give you a local painkiller, which will numb the tooth and gums, before beginning the procedure.

South View Dental Root Canal Therapy Procedure

Our dentist will remove the infected pulp, clean out the inside of the pulp chamber, fill the tooth and then permanently seal it with cement.

Some people may worry that having the pulp removed will adversely affect their tooth, but in reality, once your tooth has come in, it can still function without a nerve.

The only alternative to a root canal is to have your tooth removed. However, that could allow your surrounding teeth to move out of position, resulting in a bad bite. The empty space left where your tooth was will need implant or a bridge, which could ultimately cost you more than a root canal.

It’s not normal to experience pain in your tooth. You need to have your tooth examined and treated. If you do not have it treated, the situation will not magically go away by itself, but will only get worse.

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